What do I wear?

You’ve booked the shoot. Now what to wear?

I have been so fortunate to have amazingly stylish clients over the years.

When picking outfits for your family shoot I recommend choosing a color block that compliments your personal style. You don’t want everyone to be wearing the same colors, but you do want the colors to compliment each other. Only one family member should wear a pattern, and the rest can compliment that pattern with corresponding colors. The Olson Family chose a color palette that matched both their personal style, and the location setting.

One great place to start is at your local hardware store. Seriously! Grab a paint palette that you love that has color blocking. There you’ll have color options for the whole family, and you can see exactly how they’ll look together.

I like to start with the statement piece. If mom is wearing a gorgeous gown, that’s the color and the theme for the rest of the family. Jackie chose this gorgeous blue dress, so it was easy to compliment her outfit with the rest of her family. We also knew that she wanted a darker, moodier vibe for her family pictures, so that helped to set the mood for their clothes.

When we were selecting outfits for the rest of her family, we searched “royal blue” color palettes on google to get ideas.

It’s also important to consider the shoot location. When we’re shooting in falling leaves, we’ll have a lot of yellow and natural patterns in the background. Because of this, you’ll want to stick to solid colors. Morgan’s red top really pops here!

Make sure that you try your outfit on before the day of the shoot. You want to make sure that you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing. This is absolutely the time to strut your stuff!

You can even apply these basic ideas to larger families. Make sure to give each smaller family unit the color blocks, and they can choose according to their personal styles. This avoids that 90’s “white shirt and jeans” look on the whole family.

Should I really wear a dress? Let’s take a look at how a dress can really change the whole look of the session.

Whether it’s a senior shoot, maternity, or a great time with your family, you just can’t go wrong with a killer dress! It takes that casual look and gives it a total WOW factor. As I mentioned before, this is usually the piece that I like to start with as “the dress” tends to be the biggest piece of a family wardrobe. Is it patterned? Make sure everyone else is in solid colors. Do you love it? Make sure that you do! Once you’ve picked the perfect dress, grab your color palette, and you’re ready to style the rest of the family!

Dresses aren’t your thing? You can’t go wrong with some of these more casual looks!

Don’t forget to get your pup in on the fun! If you’ve worked with me before you know, dogs are always welcome!

Still don’t know what to wear? Let’s chat! I want to make this your best shoot yet!


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